The Spiers and Griffith (and many more) family tree

Here is the database itself at its new home on

Due to privacy concerns, the software (webtrees) will not give details of people who are currently alive until you log in to your user account. If you don't have one, you can request registration by clicking "Login" at the top right.

Once you are logged into your account, the software will give you full access to the tree, and let you add information to the tree and amend existing information. Or if you prefer, you can just e-mail me the information and I'll put it in myself.

webtrees is powerful software with many features. It is fairly intuitive but if you need help using the new software:

Thanks go mainly to the rest of my immediate family for working so hard at gathering so much information from relatives and then putting it all into this database. Without them the tree would be a lot smaller.

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