Nerdy Perl .sigs

(For those who don't know, a .sig file contains a signature which you commonly use to sign off when writing e-mail/news.)

Here's my latest (requires 5.6.0 or newer):

## Adam Spiers ## musician & hacker ## ##
$@=>$_=q^*{$Just =bless{},'$another ';"\$Perl \::$hacker,"}=sub{print$%[$.++];$
},eval join+v45.62,(q)$q ))x v54^,s.(?<=\$)\w*[\s,].f if+push@%,$&.sixmegs,eval

Here's one of my old .sig's (requires 5.005 or newer):

Adam Spiers -=- musician & hacker -=- -=-
echo '$_=bless[q]]],q;_;;sub s;{local$_=shift;push@$_,++$0,pop(@$_).$s;;$_}($,
=eval((join"\$_->[",qw)Just Another Perl Hacker)).q)$_->[1]]]])))=~s~((?<=.(?{
++$*})))?_::~$*&&$"~egx,print""=>""=>'|perl -ln0e';s;s\;;_::AUTOLOAD$1;g;eval'

Here's one of my old .sig's:

/- Adam Spiers, Computing Officer, New College, Oxford University, UK -/,
#!perl -l .sig 'cello, jazz, cycling, juggling, Linux, security, anti-M$
open$[;$;=q,,,$-++?$?:($#=lc<0>),$==$=>>++$*,$- ++, map {($k=ord)-=$=+$*,  
$c=($k &$-+$*)<<$*,$k>>=$-;$;.=($#=~m[^.{$k}(.{$c})])[$[],$#=$'}(split//  
=>(q,.";7=/43+':,)[$===$[]);;s;;$\;;, y$k, /u-$c@.kau$&&s&||/ \&&print&e;

(Yes, I know it's 5 lines long. <american> So sue me. </american>)

Here's another (needs 5.004, can you figure out why?) ...

perl -le '@^M=map(ord()-($=>>1)=>split//,qq/\$!4 1"*!\47!1!/);*$=\q/(.*)/;sub _
{$^M.=($_[0]=~/.{$^M[$.++]}(.{$^M[$.++]})/ )[0]}$SIG{__WARN__}=$SIG{__DIE__}=*_
,map eval()=>split m) ),q,goto delete(42) /?/ :: goto eval"}";die$@,;$_=$^M,$,=
chr(--($==$=+($=>>$^F))),y, \166,,,s$\$\$(r )\$\$$\$,\$1\$2\u\$^X\$3\$2$;print'

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